Portable Cone Crusher and the Spiral Cone Crusher Difference

Let us talk about portable cone crusher first. Portable cone crushers are more likely to be chosen by a great number of people from all over the world. Portable cone crusher holds broken, shifted, and classified process with itself after many reforms within help of many experts, scientists in this field. Portable cone crusher can allocate different kinds of objects and crushing them separately. Portable cone crusher would rather work with its automatically operating than its old-fashioned operating way of stably transforming objects to the machine for crushing.

What about the spiral cone crusher? Spiral cone crusher is one of the earliest developed machines with advanced efficiency, high crushing quality, and high productivity. It is different from other kinds of traditional cone crushers from the structure, style. Its main components are rack, horizontal shaft, dynamic cone, balance wheel, lubricating system, hydraulic pressure system and control system. Spiral cone crusher absorbed advanced technology from other kinds of cone crushers of several decades’ years from all over the world.

Spiral cone crusher has some advanced features. It can adjust the size of crushing objects. It has a relatively higher productivity and quality guarantee and a long lifespan. The machine body is made from steel and with good lubricating system that can power off automatically when the temperature is higher or lower than its requirement. For spiral cone crusher, it is supported with spiral protection system, which can low the stoppage time immensely.

Above all are some features and advantages of portable cone crusher and spiral cone crusher. Obviously both of these two are the time-paced machine in the cone crushing industry with their high working efficiency and advanced technology. Moreover, both of them have their own unique features and work very well in the development of the society building construction. Therefore, we cannot tell which of them is better in one or two...