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Toni H.Hamm
Liberty University

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    Polyamory is   a new type of relationship that has come into view within our society over the last several years.   It is thought by many to be a form of responsible non-monagamy.   The term polyamory covers many different different styles of multi-partner relationships.   While some people find it similar to the “swinging” lifestyle or polygamy, it's a very different thing.   Some people may even consider it a form of cheating but that doesn't apply either.   Polyamorous relationships are entered into with the full knowledge of both partners and even embraced as a way of life.

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    When I first started my research into polyamory I didn't know what to expect.   I knew that “poly” meant many and “amory” meant love but that was the extent of it.   At first I thought it was a more presentable term for the swinging lifestyle or that it was a nice way to say that someone was cheating on their spouse.   In reality, nothing I thought could be farther from the truth.
    Polamory is being heralded as a new type of relationship style totally unlike monogamy and homosexuality.   People becoming involved in these types of relationships are doing so with the complete approval of their partner and sometimes the partner even joins in with someone else.   Gone is the day where relationships are meant to be between one man and one woman or even two women or two men.   The time has come for polyamory, a term first...