Policy Topic Search and Selection Summary

Policy Topic Search and Selection Summary
University of Phoenix
Valerye Rogers
HCS/455- Health Care Policy: The Past and the Future
Gerald Weyand, Instructor
September 6, 2010

Policy Topic Search and Selection Summary
In the following, the author will research a health care policy and write a summary on the selected policy topic. The author has chosen to write a summary on Health Care Reform policy. The author focuses on inequalities in a number of key public health conditions’ such as causes of premature death (cardiovascular disease and cancer), and obesity. Other inequalities such as big public health burdens, risk taking behaviors in younger adults (alcohol, drugs, violence), mental illness health throughout life, and the threats to well being in older people will be another focus. In conclusion, how the Health Care Reform policy affects lower priority public health services is the focus.    
On February 25, 2010, President Obama met with Congressional leaders for several hours in an attempt to iron out differences and move forward on health care reform. Although this health care summit failed to produce a legislative agreement, there was a consensus on several matters. Democrats and Republicans both expressed the view that America has the greatest health care system in the world (Blendon, 2006).   Both sides agreed that gaps in health insurance coverage affect many Americans. Both sides cited research suggesting that roughly one- third of spending on health care in the United States goes for medical procedures which are ineffective (Masi, 2009). This summary is organized around these areas of agreement. The commonly held views are likely to shape the direction of health care reform in this country, not only in 2010 but over the next decade. Gaps in health insurance coverage are a source of frustration and an impetus for changes in government policy. The belief that Americans waste resources on health care raises the issue of who should be empowered to...