Police Recruitment Criteria

COURSE NAME:   Introduction to Policing
TUTOR:   Marni Manning
STUDENTS NAME:   Gillian Taylor
DUE DATE:   26/9/2011
WORD COUNT:   2020 not including tables and references.
ASSIGNMENT QUESTION:   Complete a literature review with the purpose of analysing the validity of two of the selection criteria that are currently used in the selection process for police recruits.
          Selection Criteria 1:  Applicants must have completed further education since completion of High School. (Abilities/Education)
          Selection Criteria 4:  Applicants must possess the required personality profile which is deemed suitable for the enactment of operational police duties. (Personality Assessment)

      With any employment opportunity there are candidates better suited than others to the specific requirements of the position; given the stress and dangers of police work there are some who may prove dangerous if recruited (Ashkanasy, Bowen, Rohde, & Wu, 2007; Chappelle, Novy, Sowin, & Thompson, 2010). There is a developing idea that recruitment selection can be refined with the use of personality profiling and tertiary education as selection tools with common agreement between researchers that personality and higher education shows job relativeness and a predictive ability in job and training performance (Ashkanasy et al., 2007; Bevan, 2006; Chappelle et al., 2010; Cochrane, Tett & Vandecreek, 2003; Detrick, & Chibnall, 2006; Drew & Prenzler, 2010; Murphy, 1999; Rodberg, & Bonn, 2004; Wimshurst & Allard, 2007). Also common results between studies is that these tools can assist the police selection board in ensuring the correct people are accepted or rejected according to their knowledge, skills, and abilities (Ashkanasy et al., 2007; Bevan, 2006; Chappelle et al., 2010; Cochrane et al., 2003; Detrick, & Chibnall, 2006; Drew, & Prenzler, 2010; Murphy, 1999; Rodberg, & Bonn,...