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Riordan Manufacturing Relocation Management Plan

Riordan Manufacturing Relocation Management Plan
Project Objective:   Relocating Riordan Manufacturing from Hangzhou to Shanghai.  

Project Justification:   The relocation of Riordan Manufacturing involves relocating all operations from Hangzhou to Shanghai.   The decision for this relocation is the fact that the company’s Chinese partners already have the necessary facilities in place.   Also, because of the proximal to the Qiantang River, there is access to Hangzhou Bay which is big enough for the company’s shipping needs.  
Another reason for the consideration of this move is that there has been an increase in the China plant’s production volume.   The company can use container shipping companies to move product to the post of Shanghai.   Where the company is currently located is 180 kilometers away from the port which results in extra logistical requirements.   With the Chain operations relocated to Shanghai, there will be great cost savings.   There is alos the added bonus of more sufficient urban infrastructure which puts the company in a better market position.

Project Deliverables:
Management Deliverables.   Project charter, team contract, project scope statement, WBS, project schedule, cost baseline, project status reports, final project presentation, final relocating report, report of lessons learned, and all other documents used in the project management.
Production Deliverables:   Research reports, design documentation, software code, etc.
  * Structural Documentation.   Documents laying out how the new factory will be used and most efficient ways the port can be used to manage operations.
  * Structural Layout / Drawings / Schematics.   These documents refer to the mapping out of the whole project.

Project Success Criteria:   Success of the project will be determined is the following criteria are achieved.
  1. The project was accomplished within the planned time and cost.
  2. The...