Platform 14

Age over Adversity
Platform 14 with its cacophony of sights, smells and sounds resembles bedlam: children bawling, mother’s reprimanding, commuters barging their way through crowds, dense diesel fumes pollute the air and the aroma of coffee gently teases the nostrils. The monotonous tone of the announcer signals the arrival of the 5:46 from Edinburgh to Aberdeen. I join the ever-increasing assembled crowds, as the ScotRail beast roars into the station. As the doors automatically slide open, we surge forward-moulded together as one-allowing no time for those completing their journey to exit the belly of the beast.
Inside, the scramble for seats commences. Being last to enter I claim the only vacant seat as my own. Unfortunately across the aisle are a group of football fans adorned in red and white scarves obviously, celebrating a win with an ocean of beer. Assuming position, I rummage through my belongings for my book and realise I’ve forgotten it.
As the journey and predictable boredom commences, my mind wanders to my fellow passengers. Beside me, a long-haired young man (perhaps in his early twenties) is plugged into his headphones, his open Superdry satchel revealing a range of mechanical engineering material I decide he is a student either travelling home for the weekend, or embarking on his return journey to university. My focus is sharpened as he begins to absent-mindedly sing along to the lyrics blaring from his ipod. I doubt it the old lady opposite can even hear: she looks lost, reminiscing on her past. The knitting needles set firmly in her frail, withered hands work rapidly, increasing the rows until there may be nearly enough to represent every year of her life!
The beast thunders along at high speed only slowing to a prowl as it approaches the next station, ready to snare more prey. Now in mid-journey the train is becoming cramped and uncomfortable. This deteriorating atmosphere seems to appeal to the mood of the football supporters, their...