Planning in Inclusive Classroom Session

In order to deliver an inclusive classroom session, planning is crucial.   Lesson plans must be written including 'SMART' objectives.   To involve the learner in the process, the assessment criteria must be laid out in a way that is transparent.   Teaching methods should be adopted to include all learners and encourage them in a motivational way giving positive feedback in a good and timely fashion.
For the purpose of my classroom mini teach, I believe I set out with smart objectives, and made my aims clear to the group.   The explanations of the tasks were delivered in a way that the learners could appreciate.   Where assessments were needed, these were given in different ways such as peer assessment, and self evaluations.   The learners were aware of what was required, when assessments were going to take place and they were able to ask questions openly.   I was aware from my initial assessment that one member of the group had slightly more up to date experience in my subject as she had recently taken her motorbike test.   In order to promote inclusive learning, I paired her with another learner who perhaps did not have such experience due to never having taken a driving test in the UK.   Therefore, this learners' knowledge of UK road signs would have been more limited.   By pairing in this way, I used a 'buddy' method to facilitate the activity.   My questioning in the final stages of the mini teach were open, and promoted Blooms Higher Order Thinking by engaging the learners to fully investigate their answers.
The mini teach was not without fault.   There are things I could have done better and differently in order to fully promote inclusive learning.   An example was pointed out to me during my peer review at the end of the session.   It was noted that my questioning was a little too open, and I did not direct questions as I could have done.   It was pointed out to me that one person had answered 4 questions in a row.   I was unaware of this at the time, and I should look...