* What is the importance of writing, both academically and professionally?
        0 - Writing professionally is important to do in both academic and professional environments for several reasons. One of which is that it’s important to show that you have a comprehension of what is required of you. If you were to compose an email to an employer, or write a paper for a class, and your writing style was in the same sort of style in which you were to compose a text message or something similar, it would cause your employer or your teacher to lose respect for you and doubt that you were aware of what you were doing.
  * Why is integrity important in writing?
      0 -Showing integrity is an incredibly important trait to exhibit in writing because it shows a few things about you. First, it shows that you care. While, you may personally not care much about the subject that you are writing about, you care and are dedicated to the project in the long run and will show your dedication to the effort you put into every thing required of you. Another reason that it is important to show integrity in your writing by not plagiarizing is that it shows that you know better than to try to take credit for someone else’s work.
  * How can you avoid plagiarism?
- There are a few things that you can do in an effort to avoid plagiarism. One thing that is very important to do to not plagiarize, is that you must always cite all of your sources. You should include the sources at the end of your paper, and/or after the quote that you have used. This is also another thing that is important. Always use quotation marks when using a quote from a source. Never ever type the information without using quotes to make it appear that they are your own words.

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