Research is used to gather information, it can be used for almost anything e.g. major companies, students, researching out of interest, gathering knowledge. There is 2 different types of research that people use they’re; Primary research and Secondary research.

Quantitative Research
This kind of research is based on fact that can be statistically analysed and shown by numbers, it is also a type of primary research. It is used to help you find out ‘how many’ and ‘how often’, you want to profile a target audience by determining what proportions of the audience are interested in this can be done by using a structured questionnaire sent out to the public, usually to a large amount of people, on the survey it will consist of question with closed questions, e.g. if the a new TV program sent out a questionnaire to 10’000 selected houses in the country they would ask questions like; what age range do you fall into? What genre of program do you enjoy watching? Etc. questions like this show the people who made the program will then roughly find out what age range watch certain genres and what channels they mostly watch, with this information they could use it in the future for any new projects so if they wanted to give a new program out aimed towards 18-25 year olds they will know what program it will be on and what type of genre it should fit into.

Quantitative marketing research is research based on fact,