Pfizer (preventive, detective, and corrective measures)

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Pfizer (preventive, detective, and corrective measures)
      Pfizer is the world’s largest pharmaceutical company in the world.   Let’s say for instance Pfizer has put out defective caps on their medication bottles. The caps are supposed to be child proof, but for some reason they were not. Pfizer has to be concerned about the following types of torts: negligence, and product liability issues.
      The product liability issues that arise from Pfizer’s medicine bottle caps, is that the medicine bottle caps are faulty. We have detected that there were reports of children getting into medication, and some resulted in death are the most significant kinds of injuries that would occur because of this improperly made product.
      The preventative measures that need to be taken are:   a) formally let employees know product safety is the number one importance,   b) utilize reasonable, well established, and available safety standards and guidelines to design hazards out of products “on the drawing board,” add components or devices to products to safeguard product remaining hazards , and following this, provide adequate product warnings and instructions that address hazards that must remain part of product design or are inherent to product use, c) heads of departments will be assigned responsibility to assure that product safety during the product design, manufacturing, and marketing process is followed.
      Quality Management
      The holder of a manufacturing authorization must manufacture medicinal products so as to ensure that they are fit for their intended use, comply with the requirements of the Marketing Authorization and do not place patients at risk due to inadequate safety, quality or efficacy. The attainment of this quality objective is the responsibility of senior management and requires the participation and commitment by staff in many different...

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