Philosophy of Teaching Statement

Philosophy of Teaching Statement

Jeong Hun HAN


“Teaching” may be correlative with “Learning” from the very beginning of the human beings’ history. As it follows up to the very early prehistoric age, “Teaching and Learning” might be a form of the giving and taking behavior unconsciously for survival skills in unknown and probably extremely dangerous place to live alone. As the time is passing and the group of people becoming wider and more complicated, the information that ones should know must be varied and so abundant as well. This means that people should be taught and qualified by the standard of the modernized society in at least a few categories in their life in the society that the information is overflowing in. That standard of society should be approved by the objective factors called “Assessment”. These three aspects, “Teaching, Learning and Assessment”, are defined as “Education”; the best and the most efficient education may be one of major preconditions in the modern society to live as an educated one.

Concerning “Teaching” behavior, it should be an action of presenting information to ones who need with system, which means knowledge must be given in proper steps and orders just right for receivers to pursue the efficiency. Then, What is the most efficiency way of teaching? It probably is the objective brain for information that will be given to receivers and the subjective mind for methodological practices of the class. For example, The teacher could teach students English grammar by relating two objectives; English grammar and rhythmical patterns for them if some students are really talented in singing but not in English grammar. The way of approaching might be uncountable and it would be depend on the capability of understanding of the teacher for the class. Thus, “Teaching” behavior should be varied and creative in every class with the very clear knowledge of the information in materials.

As returned to the standpoint...