Pharmacy Stock Inventory System



A report submitted in partial fulfilment
of the requirements for the award
of the degree of
Bachelor of Computer Technology (Software Engineering)

Faculty of Computer System & Software Engineering
University College of Engineering & Technology Malaysia

APRIL 2005



A pharmacy stock inventory system (PSIS) is a computerized system designed for user to manage the stock of the drugs inventory and monitoring the stock facility. The stand alone pharmacy stock inventory system provides alert of expire drugs and minimum quantity of each drugs and also searching algorithm technique applied in this system. A research and analysis on the current system and searching technique was done to get better understanding of the system. The RAD methodology was used in this project development implements iterative development which is suitable for stand alone applications requirements that changes from time to time. Testing is done every phase of the development life cycle to make sure that the system working properly. This project was developed using Visual Basic 6.0 and Microsoft Access 2000 as a database platform. As a final result, this system was fulfilled all the research objectives. This research was successfully developed the PSIS prototype system, computerized and optimized the current system using String Search Algorithm.



Pharmacy Stock Inventory System (PSIS) mi adalah sistem berkomputer yang direkabentuk untuk memudahkan pengguna menguruskan stok inventori ubat dan memantau stok-stok ubat yang ada. PSIS mi adalah sistem tunggal yang menyediakan peringatan kepada pengguna berkenaan tärikh luput serta peringatan jika bilangan sesuatü ubat tersebut mencapai tahap minimum. Kajian dan analisa terhadap sistem semasa dan teknik carian telah dilakukan untuk mendapat pemahaman yang lebih baik tentang sistem PSIS. Metodologi Rapid Application Development (RAID)...