By: Sasha


I have a lot of indelible, warm memories of my previous life. However there are certain recollections that stand out more than others. Most of them involve one superior human being.
He’s about 6’ tall, with muscular arms that would make most men burn with envy. The size of each of his hands is as big as the pillow I used to sleep on. His deep, brown eyes could make you melt like marshmallows in hot cocoa, make you tremor with fear, or hypnotize you, depending on what kind of person you are and what you have done. There is no fooling him. He sees all your shades, like putting a piece of crystal to your eye and looking at the sun light. If you’ve done something bad, there would be no words used; there would be a look, sometimes just a glance, which is worth millions of words, and without him saying a word, you knew exactly what he had to say. A couple of deep wrinkles on his forehead and between his eyes (some of which were picked up in the army) are permanent proof of wisdom. The wrinkles by his mouth are reminders of all happy and fun times. They don’t make him look older; they show experience and knowledge.
He was my teacher of life, my idol, my rock, my pillow, my security blanket. To me, he was the closest thing to God. He is the gravity, and everybody around him, people and animals, are drawn to him like planets to the sun trying to acquire some of that peaceful energy. I am very lucky that I had a chance to have a person like that in my life during that crucial time, my childhood.
Since the moment I was born, he was a big part of my life. He held me, fed me, played with me, and taught me everything a child should know. My Mother was a journalist, who was mostly working. I would see her on TV more than at home, similar to my Father. My Grandfather lived outside of the city, and I stayed with him most of the time. He and my Grandmother (who, by the way, is the best cook I know) took care of me and raised me until I was 11.