Personal Values

Personal Values and Ethics

      After review of my results of the Williams Institute Ethics Awareness and considering my own values, I can honestly say I now understand the basics for making decisions, which involves an approach where you have to understand and have a strong personal knowledge of right or wrong. I have to be able to look at a problem, be able to evaluate that problem, and then decide on the alternatives available to me to resolve that problem.
      Before I began work at Kudlers, I informed Ms. Kudler that I could not work for someone who asks me to abandon my values in order to remain employed. Upon review of Kudler’s balance sheet, I discover there are quite a few discrepancies, when I brought this to Ms. Kudler’s attention I was greeted with skepticism. However, it was important for me to know why there were different figures on the balance sheet, income statement and inventory report. As her store manager, it is my duty to inform her that to make her business a success she had to be up front with me on all aspects of her business and if I was to continue to manage her store, I would need free rein to do what I do best and that is to manage.           To be a good manager, I believe that there is certain information that should be shared with the store’s management team and everything must be balanced and double checked. We both believe for this business to prosper she would need a reliable person as her back-up who has her best interest in mind.
      I have been assigned to set up a new marketing campaign and help trim the budget for my location. To do what is expected of me I have to solve a major problem, which is to collect company data and research this data which could vastly improve our current service in the catering and organic food line. My belief is that Kudler Fine Foods lacks any kind of organization which lies solely in the hands of Kathy Kudler. However, Kathy Kudler has tapped into an industry with great...