Person Centered Approaches

CT 300
Understand person centered approaches for care and support
1.1 Define person centered values
Person centered values are to enable the person concerned to be involved, included and supported in the planning of the care they require eg: in the initial assessment, their needs, the delivery of care, ongoing support and any future planning while maintaining their
  * rights (to be upheld and supported eg human rights act)
  * choice (to be given access to options and information so that the individual can decide for themselves)
  * privacy (ensuring as much privacy as they require but being available to assist if needed or maintain as much modesty as possible if unable to be left unattended)
  * dignity (treat each other with respect, maintain and promote the individuals self esteem)
  * independence (encouraging or helping the individual to do as much as possible for themselves)
  * individuality (each person is unique, they have their own personalities, likes, dislikes, strengths, needs and beliefs)
  * confidentiality (not sharing information with anyone unless vital to the wellbeing and safety of individual, also not abusing access to any such information)
  * respect (not to be treated in an inhuman or degrading way, raise their expectations and the way they see themselves, treat others as you would like to be treat yourself)
  * equality (each individual to be treated fairly and without prejudice or discrimination and to be allowed the same opportunities/ and use of amenities)
  * partnership (working together with individuals, their family, friends, also outside influences eg; doctor, legal, social worker etc)

1.2 Explain why it is important to work in a way that embeds person centered values
It is important to embrace person centered values so that the individual has full or more supported control over their care and that they feel safe from any threat or abuse either physically, psychologically or financial also helps...