Perimeter Security Systems and Solutions Market - Global Industry Analysis Forecast 2014 – 2020

Perimeter security encompasses physical security of the facility as well as programmatic security policies which enforce protection against any malicious activity. Factors such as illegal immigration, constant risk of terrorism, anti-government protests and increasing criminal activities have led to the need for advance perimeter security solutions. Perimeter security solutions deploy technologies such as intrusion detection systems, access control systems, video surveillance systems, and alarms/communication and notification systems to meet the demands of security. In order to provide an integrated security solution, such security systems deploy various sensors such as radar, infrared, microwave, fiber-optic and seismic sensors along with its video surveillance and communication systems. Thereby, perimeter security systems and solutions ensure physical and logical integrity of sensitive government and commercial sites. Such security solutions have become a necessity at government and defense sites, critical infrastructural sites such as oil and gas facilities, chemical industries and nuclear power and research plants. Other government verticals such as parliament, public transportation as well as commercial buildings including banks and information technology infrastructure facilities need to deploy robust perimeter security solutions.

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Some of the most important factors driving perimeter security market are increasing demand for security against terrorist activities and government regulations. The combination of these factors dictates immense growth in perimeter security systems and solutions market. Another factor working towards growth of this market is the need to reduce manpower costs. The accuracy and availability offered by technological perimeter solutions provide viable applications in various industries maintaining critical...