Performance and Satisfaction in Conflicted Interdependent Groups

Nikki Landfried
MGT 422
TR 12:30

  The research translated is “Performance and Satisfaction in Conflicted Interdependent Groups: When and How Does Self-esteem Make a Difference?” Written by Michelle K. Duffy, Jason D. Shaw, and Eric Stark.   To better understand research it is best to try to compare the research to something already known and relate it beyond the study.   Such as how the results in the journal set a major example to help performance and satisfaction from groups.   The communication process during group projects, assignments or presentations all have a prominent rule to follow during idea generating stages, which focuses on limiting negativity towards new ideas.   The essential rule, to not criticize during group brainstorming sessions, is stressed and implemented to encourage certain individuals, maybe with a lower self-steam, to participate in the discussion making process.   This rule is helpful in understanding one of the main claims in the research study by Michelle Duffy, Jason Shaw, and Eric Stark, in determining when and how self-steam makes a difference in group work.
  The authors set out to close the gap between the assessment of group effectiveness and the prediction of individual-level performance outcomes in group contexts.   Their predictions focused on how self-esteem interacts with relationship conflict and task interdependence to affect the satisfaction and performance of group members.   They find this to be a central issue in evaluating group performance because behavior plasticity research indicates that individuals with different levels of self-esteem react differently in the events of conflict, negative feedback, and interpersonal relationships.
  The authors conducted a study to evaluate how the levels of group member’s self-esteem affected performance and satisfaction among the group when it had high task interdependence and relationship conflict.   The participants to be evaluated were college students who had to complete...