Perchase Suitable Jaw Crusher in Mining Crushing Market

In the competitive mining crushing markets,Jaw crusher is well known for its great crushing ratio,even product granularity and high efficiency.Jaw crusher is needed in the fields of mining, building materials, railway, highway, smelting and chemical industries etc. How to choose ideal jaw crusher?Great Wall company lists several tips on chosing jaw crusher.

Firstly,we should take the max feeding size of raw materials into consideration,If the feeding size is too large,which will enlarge the jaw crusher energy consumption and effect the output size to slice shape.Great Wall compnay suggests that we should also consider the hardness,moisture containing and output size.On the other hand,jaw plate quality also plays important role in crushing process.General speaking,jaw crusher power consumption is proportional to the length of jaw crusher, the longer the jaw crusher plate, the higher the power consumption, Great Wall company concludes that soft material usually chooses long jaw crusher plate, hard material chooses short jaw crusher   plate.From the viewpoint of material distribution, fine material is needed short jaw crusher plate, coarse material is needed long jaw crusher plate.Only we choose the optimized configuration to our detail requires,then enterprise can get high profits and relaible capacity.
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