Pay It Foward

Alyssa Marzke
February 12, 2012
Finding Yourself Within Other’s Action’s
I was young, ten years old to be exact; however, I wasn’t oblivious to my surroundings.   I knew that my parents were alcoholics and that my brothers and sisters were already moved out by the time they hit their pre-teens. Though, none of them would take me from these horrific parents that God has sent me too. My name is Marcus Wilson, and well my parents’ names, I consider theirs worthless just like the type of “adults” they grew up to be as.
My parents were never home, usually you could find them at the bar drinking or at my mom’s work, the strip club. Nevertheless, when they were home the whole county knew. They would scream and yell so loud that I would sit in my room and cry all night because I knew that at that moment my so called “loving father” would wrap his inevitable hands around my mother’s throat till he left bruises on her. He would then leave her for weeks. She always would tell me that she would not take him back and she meant it. She always said that though. By the time he would come back I would find them in bed the next morning like the fight and bruises he left her never even happen.   She didn’t know that everything he did to her affected me even more than life itself could conquer. I would separate myself from all the boys and girls at school. Why bother wasting my breath on people around here. Nobody wants to hear a sob story nor does anyone care. If at least one person around her cared, you would think that one person would have been by my side all these years when my parents were not there for me. I do not trust anyone or love anyone.
I honestly don’t think that my parents truly love each other. When two people love each other you don’t physically harm them, I mean I understand the emotional harm, everyone has that. Still though, they don’t love each other. My “loving father” impregnated my mother when they were still in high school.   By the time she had me...