HIV is a human immune virus- This virus only infects humans. The effect of this virus is to create a deficiency in humans, it causes there immune system in their body to begin to work poorly, The virus is a organism which means that it is unable to reproduce by itself. The virus reproduces in the machinery of the human cells in the body.
AIDS-Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome:
Aids is acquired because it can only be passed someone becomes infected with this virus by someone else. It affect the bodies immune system causing the immune system to be unable to fight off germs such as bacteria and viruses that cause a person to become ill. It casues the immune system to become deficient and work poorly. People who suffer from aids have more challenges to face then those with any other type of std because they have a wider range of diseases and infections that they must deal with.
There are many ways that HIV can be transmitted from one person to another. Sexual Intercourse, Direct contact with infected blood, from an infected mother to her unborn child.
Sexual intercourse is the most common way for HIV to be spread. When someone comes in contact with an infected person the virus is passed.   The virus enters the body through sexual relations between people. It is transmitted through the lining of the vagina, penis, rectum and mouth. The bodily fluids that are passed during sexual intercourse is the cause of the passing of the virus.   Why many people are also questioning kissing as a source there has been no proven evidence that a person can pass enough of the virus through the saliva that is swapped between two people. The virus only spreads tiny amounts yet not enough to be passed. However they do recommend that a infected person tries to avoid it just for the off chance that it still may be passed.
Direct contact with infected blood is also a way for the virus to be passed. Dirty needles is a way to pass the virus. When a infected person uses a needle a quanity...