Preparing for Academic Success at the Graduate Level Paper
Yadira Marrero
March 31, 2014
Lisa Brizendine

The transition between obtaining a Bachelors and entering into a Masters’ program is one that is not an easy venture.   It seems as it were a different dimension, one wherein one of the most challenging tasks is to get used to a different style of paper writing.   Every student at this point has a basic understanding of what APA style is and what it encompasses, but now within the Masters’ program, there are additional portions that must be included and it is crucial that the paper is to the highest standard possible.   Establishing your strengths and weaknesses right from the beginning will ensure that you get the most that you can from every class you attend.   It will also ensure that the work that a student submits to the University is free from errors and clear from any plagiarism.   It takes a great deal of motivation to go back to school after so many years and accomplish what you thought you never would.
Preparation for academic success at the Graduate level will not be an easy task.   There are already challenges that I have seen that I will have to take on with full force.   Setting daily goals in order to make it less stressful is a good start.   Ensuring that you maintain the professionalism that is required to be in a graduate program is very important.   This short essay will delineate the methodology which I will personally implement in my course of study.

Preparing for Academic Success at the Graduate Level Paper
Characteristics of Graduate Writing
There are four characteristics of Graduate writing that differ, or rather, must be more concise than at the undergraduate level.   They are critical thinking, proper research, academic integrity and academic style (2007 Academic Writing Help Centre, University of Ottawa).   These characteristics are crucial in the preparation and deliberation of Graduate papers...