Child Development and Sexual Behaviors

                                                      By Jessi Varian

                                                          SCY / 265

                                                        April 6, 2012

                                                    Tana Leigh Warren

      As we begin to grow from an infant/ toddler to adolescence/ teenager; we often go
through different stages of development and sexual behavior. There are four different
stages of one’s sexual development; which are infancy, 0-2 months, early childhood,3-8
years, preadolescence,9-13 and adolescence, which is teenage years.
      Sexual behavior begins when the fetus is still within the mothers belly; one method
of sexual behavior that infants do directly during pregnancy and right after birth; they
sucks their thumbs which is a sexual behavior.   Male babies tend to have frequent
erections as a sexual behavior as an infant. These sexual behaviors can allow these
new born to have orgasms at five months for boys and four months for girls. Boys and
girls learn to pelvic thrust at a rather early infant age to dolls or animals.
      Once boys and girls reach eight or nine months; they become even more curios and
begin to masturbate.   This curiosity hits its peak at fifteen months old.
      Stage two is when toddlers get curios enough to show their body parts to other little
one’s or siblings. This is when doctor games and touchy feely things begin amongst the
young and curios kids. Some kids around seven or eight years old will often want to
become curios using their mothers breasts and body to figure out the questions that are
in his or her mind.
      Next is the preadolescence stage; this is when kids begin to get curios with the
opposite sexes. They begin to experiment on each other of the other sex gender.
Touching themselves or others may arise...