Pakistan's Ideal Concept

Pakistans Ideal Concept

There were various organizations both within the country as well as abroad, which were awarding the companies and the manufacturers, so called International or Quality awards. The modus operandi of these organizations was quite confusing and controversial. Unfortunately there was no source in Pakistan to recognize and examine the status of consumer’s choice the quality of goods and services offered or the awards being given to them.

Pakistanis’ Ideal is unique because Pakistanis’ Ideal will be determined by the public through their valued votes and by a panel of judges consisting of dignitaries and experts. It covers a broad range of categories of interest to both the public and business communities. Its purpose is to publicly identify those Talents, Services, products and organizations that have been voted by consumers as the best according to their choice. Pakistans’ Ideal will be a most prestigious tribute to businesses, services, talents that serve their Nation well. The program is encouraged by all levels of General public, government and by business leaders to ensure their services in accordance with the standard norms and quality.

Pakistans’ Ideal is established to identify and promote business, services and talents excellence. To encourage the Individual, organizations and manufacturers, is organizing “Pakistans’ Ideal” recognition Award ceremony based on the opinions of the public in general, experts and dignitaries from all walks of life. This step will help the companies to improve the quality and standards of their goods and services and boost their image in the market. Realizing this extremely acute deficiency Pakistans’ Ideal has retained the services of a leading independent firm Excellence International to conduct surveys in major Pakistani cities.

Pakistans’ Ideal will establish the credibility of the organizations, Individuals, manufacturers, and Services as well as the standard of consumer goods and Talent &...