Pacman Game


Overview of the game choice
In the original PacMan games PacMan would move horizontally and vertically through a maze eating dots, cherries and other bonuses. PacMan would also be chased through the maze by four ghosts each of which has its own unique style of moving through the maze to attack PacMan.

Reasons for choosing PacMan
I chose PacMan as I felt that it would provide me with a not only a challenge when developing but it would simply provide me with an entertaining game to play. I was also attracted to this game for its Artificial Intelligence (AI) which controls the movements of all four ghosts chasing PacMan, each on their individual way. I had never looked into AI before so I felt that I could develop most by choosing a game that made a very good use of it.

I also felt that the maze would provide an interesting challenge as I would need to design the game so that PacMan and the ghosts could move freely between the walls of the maze –and not through them! To be able to complete this task I needed to research functions and techniques that would enable me to design and implement this function.

Research on the original manual
When developing PacMan for the mobile phone I checked different websites and online resources for information that I could benefit from such as the PacMan’s movement. When I designed PacMan’s maze I wanted to keep it as similar as possible to the original map. The map I chooses to base my designs on can be seen in the picture below. Due to the limited size of the screen I had to however make some modifications to the layout.

Mobile phone platform
The mobile phone platform I chose was the Sony Ericsson K750. The primary reason for choosing this phone was the screen. The screen on the K750 unlike other available phones in the Sony Ericsson Software Development Kit has a square screen. The dimensions of the screen are 176x176 pixels. Another reason for choosing the K750 is the number pad and joystick...