Oxfam Effects on Me

I wanted to search and learn more about Oxfam which is a nongovernmental organization aiming to reduce the poverty in terms of human rights especially for girls and women, natural disasters and conflict, having fairer land policies and action on climate changes, hunger and so on.
  The organization basically collects donations and uses these donations for people’s needs, which increase poverty among countries. There are many donation ways, such as donating via the Internet payment, transferring money, shopping online, donating anything to the shops belong to Oxfam, donating on Oxfam’s emergency fund (so that Oxfam can respond rapidly to the disasters), that people can contribute to the organization.
  The reason behind I choose this subject to write on it is, I used to donate my clothes and other belongings that I were not using anymore to Oxfam while I was living in Brighton 2 years ago. I actually give the people who work in Oxfam shops credit for sparing their time and using their energy for this organization.   If anyone wants to know where they can find Oxfam local shops in their country, they have all list on their website explaining which areas they have been running this organization.
  As I experienced, donating my clothes and belongings contributed me a lot from many aspects for my life.   First of all, I was in depression because of my education process and hopeless about my future life (to be honest I had no sensible and vital reason for this) and I had a chance to see people who were working for a reason, which affects poor people’s lives. This situation made me think again about my thoughts both on my education and social life. In addition, I felt myself relieved because I believed that I at least did something for poor people even if it was not a big and sustainable action. Besides those, I also had a chance to met with valuable people who were working for Oxfam as a volunteer. I had a lot to learn from them. I saw the happiness when I...