Ounit a – Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in Lifelong Learning

oUnit A – Roles, responsibilities and relationships in lifelong learning

In this assignment I will be addressing the role of a teacher; I will also look at my own role as a joiner within the construction industry and responsibilities I carry out. Diversity and equality, analysing the boundaries as a joiner in hmp establishments, working with other professionals and how to promote appropriate behaviour in a safe and supportive learning environment.

The role of a teacher is a challenging and demanding one, the main role is to deliver a subject that many factors need to be taken into consideration, they need to involve, motivate and engage the students during each teaching session. How a teacher does this may depend upon the subject, the age and the academic level of the students, to be a good teacher in my view is to be enthusiastic and passionate about the subject they are teaching and also taking pride in their work, this is what I believe will make a good teacher.

As a joiner my role is a varied one, my responsibilities vary from contact to contract they may include taking a lead role as a team leader/supervisor or taking on and working with apprentices, or working as a joiner with other professional trades. (Electricians, plumbers etc)

When taking on apprentices this can be a challenging role as they can be at different levels of education, I will meet their needs and demands by showing them the relevant skills they will need to complete their courses, I will assess their progress on a monthly basis checking they have gained the relevant skills and knowledge, obtain feedback from them as a mentor, use a variety of approaches with different apprentices as each one may have a different learning style, and I will work with them for the duration of the contract I am working on.

When the contract requires me to be a supervisor record keeping is regarded as a high priority area that all contractors must sign in when they arrive on site and when they...