Cassandra Huertas

Nicole Panichella

October 18, 2010

The Love of a Mother

These two poems “Rite of Passage and 35/10” is very different. One shows the love of a mother for her son, and the other shows the jealousy of the mother for her daughter. She adored her son so much more than her daughter. She would do anything for her son but when it came to her daughter she felt as if she had no choice. She even talks about how she feels as though she is being replaced by her daughter.  

The mother’s attitude towards the son is that she loves and adores him. She talks
about how everyone came to his party to celebrate his life. She says that the son has ‘long hands
cool and thin as the day they guided him out of me’ (19). She is saying that she will always
love him the same as the day she gave birth to him. Now on the other hand she is envious of her
daughter. She basically feels like she is a servant to her daughter. She asks ‘why is it just as we
begin to go they begin to arrive?’ She is basically saying that her daughter is outshining her.

The mother’s relationship with her daughter is obviously not a good relationship. Neither poem mentions a father for the children. Maybe the father left the mother for a younger woman, and now she is taking it out on the daughter. Also the daughter may still have a relationship with her father and maybe the son does not. Her relationship with the son is close.
Huertas 2

She never mentions how old her son was, but from the other kids ages you can guess around six or seven. She was talking about how these young boys were little men and was probably going
to make something of themselves. She wrote ‘They clear their throats a lot, a room full of bankers’(10). She thinks that her son is going to have a good job and take care of her.

Her behavior towards her son is that she wants to make sure his life is perfect. She even seemed like she liked the little boys at the party to. She writes...