Orion Shield Project Case

Executive Summary

After 14 years as a successful engineer with Scientific Engineering Corporation (SEC), Henry Larson promoted Gary Allison as project manager of the Orion Shield Project. This was a promotion that would change Gary’s successful career at SEC significantly. In less than a year, Gary went from a preeminent engineer at SEC, to nearly loosing his position with the company, due to his lack of project management skills and Henry Larson unethical guidance.
During the course of the Orion Shield Project, Gary encountered several technical, ethical, legal, and contractual project management issues. His lack of project management experience was evident from the beginning, and throughout the project Gary failed to recognize that a project manager is responsible for the errors of the project.  
In addition, to his inexperience in project management, Gary’s bad communication and honestly to the stakeholders played a major role in the failure of the Orion Shield Project. Gary should have informed his counterparts of his missed deadlines and poor test results. That way many of his problems would have either been avoided or resolved in an ethical fashion.
Furthermore, Gary should have communicated to SEC about Henry’s unethical involvement in the project. Gary decision to keep Henry Larson involvement hidden, ultimately led to Gary taking on the full responsibility and action of all the errors that occurred throughout the project. His miscommunication, poor decision-making, and mismanagement of the project budget not only negatively impacted the stakeholders of the project; it also negatively impacted Gary’s career. In this paper we examine the downfall of Gary Allison’s Orion Shield Project.

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According to Somebody (2011) Project management is the discipline of planning, organizing, securing, and managing resources to successful achieve specific goals. The most important aspect of project management is the delivery...