Organizational Project

Organizational Structure and Function Project
Lisa D Reuss RN BSHA
University of Phoenix

                                    Organizational Structure and Function Project

DATE:   March 8th, 2011
TO: Carol Quinn Chief Nursing Officer
FROM:   Human Resource Department
SUBJECT: New position request for Nurse Manager

The information provided in this memo is for the new Nurse Manager position for the new branch office of Mercy Home Health. The purpose of this memo is to provide the Nursing Administration department the necessary information to be communicated with the incumbent Nurse Manager.

Mercy Home Health provides a wide-range of services to support the on-going treatment of heart, cancer, orthopedic conditions and much more. Mercy Home Health delivers a range of comprehensive, quality, holistic healthcare to our patients in the privacy and comfort of their home. At Mercy Home Health, the primary goal is to restore patients to optimal health, improve their quality of life, and help them achieve the highest level of independence at home while lessening the chance of hospital readmission.

Mercy Home Health's nursing administration supports self-governance to foster excellence in nursing professionalism. Mercy Health System is comprised of more than 6,500 caring, highly skilled employees focused on creating an outstanding patient-care experience. As a market leader for quality clinical outcomes Mercy Health System is a significant force in creating an environment where competence and compassionate care meet.

The vision of Mercy Health System is to be a leading provider of compassionate care and community access to quality health services that improve the health of communities and individuals. A diverse, integrated system providing health care services,.

As the Nurse Manager, our nursing teams promote staff preceptorship, mentoring for professional growth, and continuing education and training with our Medical Staff to provide the highest...