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Organization   of
This team paper will focus on the History, Research, Statistics, Accounting, Finance, and Economics of the organization of Jeff Bezos the Founder of started in 1994, one day Bezos was looking around on the internet and he came across an article that showed the internet users were growing at a rapid speed. Internet users were growing by 2300% every month. In the beginning Bezos was only interested in selling books over the internet because during this time there were no other company selling books. Bezos seen that there was a need and a high demand for people to be at home searching the net and never leave their home to go buy a book.
Research & Economics
The study of research methods provides us with the knowledge, the skills that needs to solve problems and help to meet challenges in a fast – paced decision making environment (University of Phoenix, 2010). It is systematic inquiry information to solve managerial problems. It includes reporting, descriptive, explanatory, and predictive study. In a scientific approach in decision – making, managers always need more and better information, in addition to the improved techniques, tools to meet the need (Donald & Schindler, 2003).
Good research often generates dependable data that can be used reliably for managerial decision-making. In contrast, a poor research often could not be used in a decision-making   (Donald & Schindler, 2003)   . In general, a good research should be purposeful, with a clearly defined focus, plausible goals, with ethical and repeatable procedures (Donald & Schindler, 2003).
As the research process, a researcher shall discover what he or she can accomplish in different types of study. In the case of reporting study, it is called for knowledge and skill with information sources, and often it requires a minimum inference or conclusion drawing (Donald & Schindler, 2003). Sometimes, a researcher will attempt to describe or define a...