Business Purposes
Sackhira Grant
Business Purposes
Serah Osobemekum

A business is an organisation that either provides a service or sells goods for customers and for owners to make a living. A purpose is to achieve something from what you are doing. Therefore, a business purpose is to fulfil the customer’s needs before anything else. Money comes after. For my assignment, I will be discussing/explaining the activities, purposes and ownership type of four different businesses.   These businesses include: Tesco, RUTC, McDonalds and a charity of your choice.
Organisation | Purpose | Activity | Evidence |
Tesco | Tesco is a Large organisation; because it consists of over 250 has 500,000 employees. Tesco is a ‘at profit’ organisation. This is when the revenue is higher than the cost of buying the stock and the running the business. Without the profit, they wouldn’t be able to continue as a business. It is a privately owned company, which means, it is a non-government company or it is owned by a group of shareholders | Tesco is an Organisation which provides both goods and services to make a profit to extend their business. They provide services by offering their service online and having a mobile network, ‘EE’. They provide their goods by making it in the factory and selling it in the stores. Apart from selling groceries, they also sell clothing. Tesco is a global organisation. | |
RUTC | RUTC is a non-profit organisation because it provides free education for students ages 16-19. This organisation offers services. E.g. teaching students. Over 3950 students attend Richmond college. | This is an organisation which is paid by the government. This happens after tax payers pay a percentage out of their monthly salary. RUTC is an intangible organisation because it provides free education as a service for teenagers and young adults. Is it located in Southwest, London....