Online Therapy Paper

In this paper, the read will learn about the content of three online therapy websites, the professionals involved in the therapy offered and how the actual online therapy communication occurs. While reading this paper once will also learn how the professional associations and the state regulatory board view and monitor these three online therapy websites. Along with the ethical and security issues that go along with online therapy informed consent and privacy. While reading this paper one will also learn about the writer opinion regarding the advantages and disadvantages of online therapy services.
The first online therapy websites is where Elizabeth Zelvin promotes her services. Elizabeth Zelvin is a licensed clinical social worker along with being a licensed psychotherapist. Elizabeth is the sole service provider on www/ According to her biography, she has twenty year of experiences and a private practice in the state of New York on top the services she offer online. Ms. Zelvin offer her services online by using chartroom setting, Client schedule appointment times with Ms. Zelvin via email. They do this so in order to obtain the password from Ms. Zelvin so that they are able to sign-in to the online chartroom at the prearranged time in order to have their private appointment.
Ms. Zelvin rates are by the half hour, the hour and by email exchanges. Therefore, if someone were to use her services they would be changed sixty-five dollars for half an hour and one hundred dollars for a whole hour of chartroom time and for each email they sent it would cost them forty-five dollars. Clients can pay these fees using any major credit cards or by using PayPal. All payments must be paid before a scheduled session starts. Ms. Zelvin website also has information regarding the books and poetry she has written along with songs she has composed. So as one can understand this website is all about promoting Elizabeth Zelvin services and...