Oh&S Film and Television Assessment

OH&S Film and Television Assessment

One of the most strict rules in every work place would be the Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S). If this does occurs in a work place, it can lead to a serious result. This essay will cover accidents that occur in the workplace, the list of authorities that govern the safety areas, aspects of the occupational health and safety act 2000 and the legal responsibilities of the employer and the individual in regards to scenario 8.

In the scenario, the production assistant's mother while filming bites the cameraman on the hand.   Due to the camera man being at work when this occured, the employer is required to pay workers compensation, but this may lead to a dispute. If the cameraman were a part of a trade union, the union would be able to assist the cameraman through his quest for compensation, also improving his working conditions when/if he is back at work. In order to gain compensation, you must file a workplace complaint. Then, if the dispute cannot be resolved between the employer and the individual, an assessor is called to assess the situation and to see how much compensation you will be entitled to if any. If the employer refuses to comply, then a court hearing may be necessary which will resolve the compensation claim. A good outcome for the individual seeking compensation would be to receive compensation money for the injury caused at the workplace and not being dismissed. A bad outcome would be getting no compenstion, being dismissed and having a record of claiming compensation which would severely hinder acceptance of another job of as a result of "scared" employers.
There is an act called the Occupational Health and Safety act 2000, which covers all workplace related safety procedures. In this act, employee and employer rights are stated.
There are certain sets of procedures a manager must follow before and after OH&S issues arise. In order to prevent accidents from occurring, it is encouraged to write a hazard...