Strategic and operational planning based on SWOT analysis for Nucor corporation
Richie Beltram
May 5, 2014
Mary Robbins

Nucor Corporation

A Fortune 300 company headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, is the largest steel producer in the United States, and the largest of the so-called "mini-mill" steelmakers. 

SWOT analysis

A business analysis of Nucor Corporation, A company that manufactures steel products, is presented, concentrating on its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats faced.   Strengths include strong market position and her diversified product mix.   Weaknesses include reliance on outside vendors, high dependence on the US market and disputes and legal proceedings. Opportunities for improvement include strategic acquisitions and strong growth perspectives. Threats the company include intense competition, global economic slowdown and greenhouse gas control.

Strategic plan

Nucor Corporation’s goal is to be the most profitable steel and steel products company in the world. With Nucor’s leading market position and positive brand identification, potential customers or more likely to buy Nucor’s products rather than their competitors. But, with the economic downturn, the consolidation in the steel industry and greenhouse gas regulation being profitable is not so easily achieved.   Furthermore, Nucor is heavily dependent on the US market.   The strategy to make a profit and a floundering North American economy will be by product diversification and the use of recycled materials.   “Nucor displays an ability to adopt new machinery and experiment with different permutations of production, to identify the lowest cost methods that generate steel of the same quality.” Desmarais, D. (2008, dec14)   By having a cleaner diversified product mix Nucor can create a higher need for their steel and steel products by accommodating many industries with a lower cost product.   This will create more demand and cost less to make.   With...

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