Nucleic Acid Aptamers Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2016 – 2023

Nucleic acid aptamers are species of nucleic acid that are engineered in in vitro selection or SELEX i.e. systematic evolution of ligands by exponential enrichment. Aptamers bind different molecular targets such as proteins, nucleic acids, cells, organisms and other molecules and assist in molecular recognition of certain characters that fight antibodies. Aptamers have remarkable advantage over antibodies as they can be easily produced through chemical synthesis and can be engineered in vitro.

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Aptamers are commonly developed as ligands offering molecular recognition properties that rival those of antibodies. Aptamers are also developed as binding molecules for small molecules, viruses, toxins and also metal ions. In therapeutics, aptamers are used as sensors to monitor cellular processes and as a guide for drugs to reach their target.

The overall nucleic acid aptamers market can be classified on the basis of types of technologies used, and the applications of such aptamers in diagnostics and therapeutics. The major enabling technologies in this segment are oligonucleotide synthesis, nanoparticles and quantum dot labels, modified oligonudcleotides, surface plasmon resonance and biolayer inferometry, bioinformatics and next generation sequencing. The applications of aptamers are categorized as diagnostics and therapeutics.

The diagnostics segment is further classified as application in human clinical diagnostic assays, environmental monitoring and veterinary diagnostics. The therapeutics market is classified on the basis of the currently available aptamer drugs, the various conditions targeted by aptamer drugs, drug delivery in cancer therapy, and use of aptamers in modification of surgical implants.

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Some of the major players in the nucleic...