Nuclear Warfar

United States vs Russia
In case the United States and Russia engage in nuclear confrontation, the US will be completely wiped off the face of the Earth, editor of Europe solidaire Jean-Paul Baquiast wrote. “Russia and China stand better chances in a possible nuclear war against the US, which would mean complete destruction of the United States’ territory”. His comments come as the Russian President Vladimir Putin threatens to use his nuclear force against the United States and its allies if NATO moves more forces into the Baltic states or if attempts are made to return Crimea to Ukraine.
That information as well as the Washington’s potential intent to perform a preemptive nuclear attack on Russia’s territory led to a wide Internet discussion whether it is something that might happen or not. What also fueled these speculations was General Robin Rand’s appointment as head of the US Air Force Global Strike Command.
Knowing the nature of this General, it is possible that he might follow the steps of US General Curtis LeMay, who was meticulously preparing a large nuclear attack on the Soviet Union.
And let’s not forget that Russia currently poses a bigger threat than USSR did, and that it is far more dangerous than the union, which collapsed in 1991. According to NATO’s former secretary general Anders Fogh Rasmussen, “Russia of today is more dangerous than the Soviet Union. The USSR was more predictable than the current leadership.”
And so according to Jean-Paul Baquiast, when the US realizes it can’t counter Russian aggression by conventional and non-military means, it will try to destroy it with its armed forces. And in case an armed confrontation indeed happens, the US will no doubt perform a series of preemptive nuclear attacks against Russia.
“Chances of the United States to destroy Russia without consequences for itself are small,” the editor of Europe solidaire said. And he’s got a point. What do you think Russia will do? Sit, wait and watch? Pretend that...