Brief on World War 1
Before World War 1 some countries were already fighting among themselves. Naturally, the bigger and stronger countries will ‘bully’ the vulnerable ones(e.g. Germany and France). The fights escalated into a war when Archduke Franz Ferdinand was murdered in Sarajevo on 28 June 1914.World War 1 started on 4 august 1914 and ended on 11 November 1918(4 years). Different countries joined forces to fight against the rest(e.g. Russia and Germany).
Russia and Germany
During World War 1, Russia was having a Civil War where its people demanded to get out of the war. Since, Russia was Germany’s friend; she had to pay a price for leaving. Russia had to give away a portion of their land which was rich in resources to Germany. Thus, the treaty of Brest-Litovsk was signed.
End of War
British noticed that the war was causing massive deaths, damages(financially and physically) and also diseases which has caused twice as many death as the war itself. Thus, the British suggested a truce, to end the war. Everyone eventually agreed to cease fire including Germany who was winning. Therefore, a conference was held to discuss all outstanding issues and a treaty known as the ‘Versailles Treaty’ was signed.
The ‘Versailles Treaty’
The ‘Versailles Treaty’ was signed on the 28 June 1919 at the halls of mirrors in the town of Versailles, France. It is held to discuss all outstanding issues that occurred during the war. Most who attended the Paris Peace Conference were all the winning countries except for Germany whom was not invited although they had won. The main people who came out with the clause of the treaty were the Big 3. They are Prime minister of Britain; Lloyd George, Prime minister of France; Clemenceau and President of USA; Woodrow Wilson. Although Prime Minister of Italy; Vittorio Orlando was one of the main person, he was deemed insignificant as he had done nothing much than to keep agreeing with the other three.
Revenge on Germany...