Not so Happy Endings

Not So Happy Endings
Now here is a true story for consideration. Rachel meets Quentin. Do you want to know how this ends? Read on my friend, read on. The lightning bolt off of Cupid’s arrow strikes dead center in their hearts equally. They date, fall in love, marry and reproduce three sons. Life was great for Rachel and Quentin; at least it was until Quentin’s best kept secret came out. Rachel had taken his virginity. He regretted not sowing his wild oats and settling down too early in his young adulthood. He cheated on Rachel throughout their entire marriage. They divorce and Quentin remarries his mistress, Lindsey, before the judge’s signature was even dry on the divorce decree. Quentin takes Rachel’s three sons with him. Quentin lives his fairytale life with his new child bride and Rachel turns bitter. Quentin eventually dies by the hands of another lover’s husband.
Rachel tries to move past men because of the damage Quentin created. She falls in love quickly with her best friend from high school, Anne. They reconnected through the now outdated Myspace forum. Rachel and Anne jointly battle with their long distance relationship, eventually rehab for addictions, and Rachel battled with the adjustment of being in a homosexual relationship. Five years go by. Rachel never fully adjusts to the “gay lifestyle” and subsequently broke her best friend’s heart. Anne is devastated and stays distant and guarded. Once again, Rachel is bitter, but this time it was her choice to leave. They are both still in pain regardless. Anne will die eventually but Rachel will never know how because Anne has fallen of the face of Rachel’s world.
David enters Rachel’s life. It’s New Year’s night and David’s local band is playing a gig at Rachel’s favorite bar. Rachel is enjoying the attention from David through her intoxicated rose colored glasses. She feels the familiar sting of Cupid’s lightning bolt straight through her chest once again. Rachel falls for him quickly even though she...