No Minors Allowed

Movies for Adults Only

Movies serve as entertainment for its patrons; they provide laughs, chills and sorrow. Some movies are not meant for all viewers. Children should not be able to watch R rated movies because they contain mature content and can potentially expose them to violence. When a movie is coming to the big screen, the promo typically advises viewers of the ratings, but more and more of these young minds are being soiled by these adult intended movies.
Movies have a system in place that assign films a rating to advise what is suitable for audiences.   They are rated by language (profanity), content, substance abuse, violence and other mature material, according to Furthermore, movies that require a person to be at least seventeen years old usually possess elements of a mature nature. Children all across the world are being exposed to these graphic scenes and sometimes without parental consent. According to data from KIDZ Network, once drugs, alcohol, and guns were introduced into film the rate of adolescent crimes went up.
Most of these mature films have something to do with blood and guts or the slaughtering of a being, hence the R rating. The violence in these films can encourage adolescents to lash out in aggression, as well as commit criminal acts. This material is better handled by a more mature audience. This is the very reason the rating system was developed.
People who disagree with my argument may say that kids need to be exposed to this because it teaches them about real life; however, some R rated movies are science fiction, and children can’t learn about real life from something that is not genuine. A number of parents may allow their children to be exposed to adult material so they won’t have to have those awkward conversations. Unfortunately, children need to have those types of discussions; so that they receive the correct information.
Movie previews show the rating according to the content and children under the...