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The following literature review will explore the research, thinking and findings of others in the subject of the Performance Appraisal or Review. These findings will be used in order to support the author in the writing of a management report which is designed to answer the question “What role does the non management performance review play in engaging employees and supporting the delivery of the organisations goals and targets within the store?”

The organisation in question is a large retail supermarket chain and the author is looking to identify how the effectiveness of the current non management performance review enables the organisation in delivering the business goals and targets and what role it plays in engaging its employees in the organisations goals and motivating them to deliver at store level. The author will analyse and critically evaluate the literature in order to develop key research areas and define the relevant questions to be asked within the organisation at store level, to understand and answer the research question, provide the business with findings and make recommendations for improvements.

The literature surrounding the subject of the Performance Appraisal is vast and suggests that this has been an area of study for many years. According to Gold (2007 p 4) some of the main purposes and benefits of appraisal are:

    • The Clarification of Performance expectations and standards

    • The allocation of rewards

    • The identification of learning and development needs

    • Career management

    •   Counselling & Discipline

    • The setting of goals and targets

    • Improved Morale & Motivation

These themes were common throughout the literature, also common were the subjects of reviewer bias,confidence and capability, the author will be interested to understand the schools of thought around the training needed to be an effective reviewer as the training currently used in the organisation is limited and...