New Sexual Curriculum in Ontario

Sexual Education Curriculum
Sexual education has always been a controversial topic and recently the Ontario government proposed a new sexual curriculum that raised quite an uproar. The new curriculum is a wonderful idea. Children know a lot more than they lead on; however, the information they receive is often from other kids or the media, and consequently it’s not necessarily accurate. When they hear about sex they generally think male to female relationships but they should also know there are female to female and male to male sexual relationships. Sadly, most of the time, homosexuals are seen in a bad light from kids who make a joke out of these peoples sexuality. The goal of the Dalton McGuinty, the Premier of Ontario, was not to promote pre-mature sex, rather his purpose was to update a very old and in much need of an update curriculum. Lastly if parents are uncomfortable with the information their child is receiving they have the option to remove them from the class.  
Young children nowadays are much more knowledgeable than they are perceived to be. In the past young children weren’t exposed to the vulgar commercials, movies and television programs that they are now. Parents, teachers and civilians alike are too naive to realize that children as young as grade two know what sex is. However children are receiving their information from older children, television and the internet and they are being greatly misinformed. Rather than thinking about abstinence they are being lead to believe sex is a great thing and they should do it as soon as they can. With the new sexual education curriculum they would be taught about abstinence and how to be safe and protected. Research has proven that children who are well informed about sexual education postpone sex and practice safe sex when they do become sexually active. An article in the Jamaica Gleaner News states that: “When children are armed with age-appropriate sex education, it helps them to cope with their...