Never Marry a Mexican, by Sandra Cisneros

In the book “ Never Marry a Mexican” by Sandra Cisneros. Clemencia states that “I am a person who doesn’t belong to any class”. By saying that she doesn’t refer to an economic classes, she refers to her love life. Clemencia in the story you can think of her as a virgin or a whore. Shes the kind of person   that she'll say the all or nothing of love and sex. Clemencia hates men because she says “not a man exist that hasn’t disappointed me”(110).
Clemencias thoughts about marriage weren’t so good due to how her mom was treated. She was treated bad by her dad that was a Mexican. Even her mom would always tell her to not marry a Mexican. By telling her that she didn’t mean to not marry a Mexican, she meant to not marry someone that had grown up in Mexico because it was going to be terrible. Mom had told Clemencia that Mexican men where too bossy, and that they were going to expect her to do everything and to learn all these traditions that they have in Mexico.
Clemencia says “ I believe so much in marriage that I hate it”. When she says this is because she has high expectations when it comes to men. She now has in mind that she shouldn’t marry a Mexican, nor a person of color.. Her mom didn’t mean to not marry a Mexican American, yet she only meant marry someone more Americanized. If she marries a Mexican mom said, “ that shes was going to have no freedom , and that Clemencia will have to learn all these Mexican traditions.” Clemencia also appears to have taken her moms advice. So she rejects all Latino men of color, and she sleeps with married white men.
The “Malinche” also remembers that when her dad was at the hospital dieing, mom was at the house sleeping with another guy. So what Clemencia sees is that no one is true to their partner, and that she rather cheat on a person than being cheated on. That is why she decides to get between relationships, and to sleep with married white men to destroy their relationships.
Although, Clemencia sleeps with s guy...