Nebosh Sample Q/a


Short Questions

1. Outline the main hazards that may be expected during the demolition of a multi-storey
building. (8 marks)

The main hazards found during the demolition of a multi-storey building are:

Falls from height
Falling debris and premature collapse of building
The use of explosives
Noise from equipment and heavy plant
Production of dust, possibly including asbestos
Hazardous materials from previous uses of the building
Cellars, vaults and voids affecting the stability of adjacent premises
The presence of services (not necessarily underground services), e.g. gas, electricity and water

2. Identify the main hazards associated with excavation work on a construction site. (8 marks)

The main hazards associated with excavations are:

Falls of persons/equipment/material into excavations.
Contact with buried services.
Vibration caused by machinery and vehicles nearby may lead to the collapse of the
Loose or unstable earth around an excavation or at the bottom may collapse.
Water ingress or flooding may occur.
There may be contaminated ground at the site of excavation.
Digging may uncover buried materials or contaminated toxic and asphyxiating
atmospheres hazardous to health.
Vehicles (e.g. mobile cranes, mobile plant) may fall into the excavations.
Vehicles passing too close to an excavation may cause the sides to collapse.

3. (a) Give FOUR reasons why something may fall from a height, on a construction site. (4

On a construction site, something may fall from a height due to:

Deterioration of the structure
Inappropriate storage
Poor housekeeping
Gaps in the platform
Lack of edge protection
Incorrect methods for lifting or lowering

(b) Describe FOUR control measures to prevent items falling from a height. (4 marks)

Control measures to prevent items falling from a height are:
Physical safeguards – barriers, close boarding, use of...