Nbt1: Task 1

NBT1 Task 1 (1114):
Homework Policy
Jessica Huber
Student # 000361544
Western Governors University

SCENERIO 2: Mr. Collet
Scenario two seemed to have the biggest impact on me.   I felt that Mr. Collet was more in tune with his students and had their best interests at hand.
Positive Social Interaction:
I would ideally like to teach 3rd grade.   An age where children are still young enough to love school however old enough to follow clear and present rules.   I like the way Mr. Collet has structure and reasoning hidden underneath this procedures and expectations.   I want all my students to have fun and to be eager to come to school.   I will need to set up positive social interactions from the get go. One-on-one, large group, and small group interactions are going to be key. Praising them continuously and correcting their mistakes in a positive way.  
The way Mr. Collet is open and willing to allow the students to explain and better themselves shows the kind of teacher he is. He allows them to have a positive social one-on-one interaction with him as they discuss why an assignment is late or why they are making an appeal with back up support.   By allowing the students to speak for themselves, it helps the student gain confidence in his or her self and an awareness that they matter. I hope to instill that quality as well. My students will be able to speak up and explain how to better themselves for next time. I love Mr. Collet’s idea as to where if he does not have the day’s goals and information on the board when class starts he allows the students to provide input and develop it together as a class.
As done in a study, “advances in social cognition have contributed to a much deeper understanding of achievement motivation in children and youth. The social cognitive approach to the study of achievement motivation relies heavily on attribution theory, which argues that students come to perceive that success and failure in school can result primarily from...