Seminar question                                                                           Lindsey Groves Print.

The true artist helps the world by revealing mystic truths.   (1967) work by Bruce Nauman.

Do you believe this statement to be true? Did Nauman believe it to be true?.

At first glance of the work I was puzzled whether I thought artists did in fact reveal mystical truths, let alone only the true artists. I wondered what mystic truths were and whether there was any such thing. Surely if they where mystical then there wasn’t any truth in them.
After looking at the question, I immediately decided that I didn’t believe the statement of his work, as I then and still think no artist reveal mystic truths. I feel they only give you a different way of seeing something or a different way of thinking. In my eyes there isn’t any magic to it ,its simply the artists personal interpretations of the subject. Nauman's work in neon was a familiar material for signs he used this as he wanted people to view the art not realizing it was art. Nauman's work was just another sign on the street, making a subtle impact on the consciousness of those who simply passed by.
For me to find the answer and understanding I was sure there was a clue in the presentation of the statement. As I was looking at the work it became apparent that I , and everyone else had to turn their heads to the side to be able to read Nauman’s statement.   I wondered if that was what he was meaning. True artists help the viewer (the world) to see thinks in different ways. Maybe he was meaning that to understand something (in this case his statement) you have to look at it and see it in this obscure way (by tilting your head).
Nauman wants the viewer to read the ambiguous statement in an ambiguous display of the statement. If   I’m right in thinking this then I do believe the statement to be true, although I wouldn’t say they were mystic truths. I also think that Bruce Nauman believes it to be...

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