Nature and Nurture Compare and Contrast

Tierney Roper
October 26, 2010
Assignment Number 1

Nature and nurture compare and contrast between each other. Today I am going to explain why these two subjects are big part of our lives, how they influence us to do the things we do today, the differences between one another and many more.
Many people wonder if experience is just there from what we learn in life or if we are born with them. There are always two questions to a subject we have been wondering for years. How come one of the twins like football and the other twin hates that sport? Sometimes we are born with a different type of attitude from one of our siblings. We would either get it from one of our parents or from one of our peers we have been hanging out with from the outside world. If you have a nasty attitude towards your parents or other people, everyone will wonder which parent they got it from. It is not only the parents, it is also from who the young child is hanging around with and what they are learning from the peer. Many people wonder why we behave the way we do and why we behave differently compared to our family members. It is what they call nature and nurture. Nature is a trait of what we are with and what is passed down genetically. Nature gives us our eye and hair color, what we like to eat, how our smile looks and shape of our body. Nurture is personal experience. We aren’t born with a blank personality, we learn from either our parents or peers. It is the causes of our behaviors and characteristics. Genes may give us a little boost on how our personality starts, but from the environment from the outside world has the power to make us the exact opposite.
Before psychology class, I have also been wondering for awhile why me and some of my siblings are different from one another. I felt at first it is because of who we have been hanging out with or if we are born with it. My older sister and brother are exactly the same but my younger sister and I are the complete opposite...