Nagotiation Stratagies Paper

Negotiation and Strategy Article Analyses
Margret Shannon
MGT 445
July 25 2011
Arlene Boler

negotiation process. AT&T and Albertsons both achieved the sought-after outcome they were looking for during their negotiation process, showing that each strategy has its place in the business world. Abstract

AT&T and Albertson’s Savon are both large corporations that have or will be undergoing mergers or sales of businesses with other businesses. The two types of strategies these companies used during these negotiation will be discussed in the paper.

Negotiation and Strategy Article Analyses
Albertsons and AT&T have both gone through negotiation processes that achieved the goal they had set forth to obtain. Different strategies were used to reach these goals. Accommodative and collaboration negotiation strategies were used by these companies during the negotiation process. Albertsons used the collaboration strategy and AT&T used the Accommodative strategy.
The subject discussed in the first article is AT&T and T Mobile merger. These companies are in negotiation to have AT&T merge with T Mobile. This Merger will allow AT&T to remain a major force in the telecommunication industry. AT&T merging with T Mobile gives the company a wider coverage range, and a larger customer base.
Accommodative Negotiation strategy is the strategy was used in this merger. This strategy allows AT&T to minimize conflict and maintain a good working relationship with the T Mobile employees and management staff. No resources were divided in this merger because AT& T will take over T Mobile completely. Using accommodative negotiation strategy will keep both companies employees happy because they are open with what will happen within the merging process.
Albertsons was in negotiation to sell off a number of stores to the Cerberus Capital Management Company and Supervalu. This sale would make the disburse Albertsons stores making Albertsons the second largest food retailer...