N for Nice

N for nice!!!!!

Language is used to express feeling, emotions, thoughts, and of course, to communicate with others. There are words that used to show happiness, gratefulness, love and hatred. Words, such as stupid, bitch, dump, nigger…etc, are used to curse other people and to show that they are inferior. A strange phenomenon is that some black people use words to insult each other and even to greet each other!!!!!!!!   Those words were used to curse and insult their fathers. One of the common used that words widely spread among African American youths today is “Nigger” or as some people intend to say the N-word.
This word, along with others, should be banned and abolished, especially in the educational places, like schools for example. Students, African- American students, use the word to insult each other or even to greet each other sometimes!! They shouldn’t actually, because this word sums up for people who are colored all the bitter years of insult and struggle in America (Huck Finn). This word should not be used by anybody; if the purpose of it was insulting others, and especially not by African- Americans, because they should be proud of themselves and their history, a history in which African- American started as slaves and now they are holding the presidency of USA, not using what the possessors were using long time ago to insult their ancestors.
Some people would say: Dr. King used this word in his speeches and letters. Yes that is right, but he also did what thousands of people couldn’t do, he used this word for good reasons, with good manners and attitude. He used it to show the other side that he and his people will never care about what they call them, because they are much better than that.
For the sake of their marrfilaut history, African- Americans should not use such a word. They should be proud of themselves and their history. It is time to take up arms against this despicable word and those who try to profit from its use; it should be...