My Where I'M from


I'm from a place I do not remember
As I moved from place to place, the memories faded and meshed together
Although one place truly stands out, and that place will stay in my heart forever

I'm from a old but not forgotten town,
where my life truly began.
The town that shaped me to what I am today.

I'm from friends.
Walking to school everyday,
making new friends, and having a good time as the noisy cars buzzed by.
I'm from telling jokes and laughing at the ones my friends tell me just because we could .
Because we didn't care what people thought of us.

I'm from walking through the town's park,
observing nature at it's fullest just because it fascinated me.
From watching the multicolor leaves fall in autumn,
to the first leaves coming out in spring,
even the snow covered park was fascinating to me.

I'm from hiking down native trails, and pretending I was a Native American.
From sliding down sand covered hills, to hiking up mountains, and through forests, I did it all.
I'm from “Abenteuers” down the small, man-made river,
scared to be caught, and get into trouble.
From climbing the “climbing tree” in our park with my friends,
we looked like vultures searching for prey as people passed by.

I'm from bike rides with ten to twelve of my friends, just riding around town,
we liked to think we were a “bike gang”
It must have been an odd sight to see, seeing twelve preteens biking around town.

I'm from the town that gave me the best thing in the world, my dog, Butters.
I'm from taking him on hour long walks
From playing with him for hours on end, and taking care of him
I'm from confiding my deepest secrets to him,
Because he would listen like nobody else would

I'm from a small town that I was raised in, and sorely miss.
The thing I will miss most of all are my friends and the town itself.
The park, the schools, my house,   the list is never ending.
But one thing is for sure,
I am from Verona, New Jersey.