My Son

My Son’s Birth
During the winter of 2008, I was in the biggest shock of my life. I found out I was pregnant with my first child. It was a scary, joyful, happy ride; it was the greatest blessing ever.
When I found out I was expecting, it was a scary feeling. I recall I had thoughts I was pregnant because my period was late. I had told my boyfriend Carlos and he suggested we take a pregnancy test. I went to Target to buy the test, then face it was positive. My boyfriend and I were extremely scared. So many thoughts went through our heads. We thought that we should be one hundred percent sure so we went to the doctor’s office. We were scared, stressed and anxious.   The nurse called me in for a urine test and a few minutes later she told me I was pregnant. I started crying, and my boyfriend was stressing. We got ourselves together and made a plan to tell our parents.
My boyfriend and I were scared. We were scared financially because we did not make the greatest money we were stressed and panicked. Little by little we made plans to move out and get our own place. We had to start from the bottom up but we had to be calm and not stress or panic too much because it wasn’t going to get us anywhere.
My body started changing rapidly. I started gaining weight in my hips and I started throwing up constantly the whole day. I couldn’t eat anything sugary because my feet would get swollen and I would feel dizzy for some hours. I also started getting headaches, it was a horrible pain. The baby did not like any flavored drinks so I could only drink water. It helped me drinking only water and eating healthy food because I did not get extremely fat and the baby was healthy.
Our parents’ reactions were pretty weird. My boyfriends’ mom was happy but worried.   She was happy because her first grandchild was on the way. She was scared because we were young and not financially set. My mom on the other hand was upset, disappointed and angry at both of us. She wanted me to wait...